• Amritdhara Gas-Reducing Ayervedic Preparation (aka Pocket Doctor)


A 100% natural treatment

Antacids work by using a base to neutralize the acid. These "neutralizers" are generally salts of calcium, magnesium, sodium or aluminum. Therefore, they use an external influence rather than helping the body to use its own power to treat stomach acidity. 

Side effects from Regular Antacids

Sometimes, certain antacids can cause side-effects such as headaches, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pains and in some case fatigue. Long - term effects with continued use may include damage to the kidneys, heart or bones. 

The healthier alternative 

Certain herbs can have extraordinary effects on the digestive process by improving absorption. Tablets made of these herbs use the power of nature's own bounty to treat stomach gas, stomach pains and abdominal bloating. 

Amritdhara is one such ayurvedic herbal preparation that is very effective in relieving excess flatulence, stomach gas, stomach pains and abdominal bloating. It is very effective in cases of distension and heaviness in the stomach. It dramatically reduces acidity in the stomach . 

Contains: Ajowan Extract, Pudina (Mint) Extract, Clove Oil, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil.

Approx 12ml

Directions: add 3-4 drops of herbal Amritdhara to lukewarm water and drink. May be taken thrice a day or even hourly in case of acute cases.

Amritdhara can also be used as a wound antiseptic, for coughs and colds, for upset tummies, toothache and has many other uses. Many of these uses are advised in the enclosed leaflet.

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Amritdhara Gas-Reducing Ayervedic Preparation (aka Pocket Doctor)

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