• Environmental Clearing Tips for Protection from EMFs and Energetic Disturbances

Environmental Clearing Tips for Protection from EMFs and Energetic Disturbances

Its so hard to avoid EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) these days, even if we can limit the use of devices personally, our families, friends and neighbours may still be inadvertently exposing us from their own devices. Never in history have our bodies experienced all these frequencies and sometimes, with the best intentions, it can seem overwhelming to try and protect ourselves and our loved ones.
But there are so many things that we can do so we've compiled a list below of things that we have found beneficial over the years!

Here are some items and tips for protecting yourself against energetic disturbances:-
* Himalayan Salt Lamps
These emit negative Ions into the air which help neutralize harmful positive Ions generated by EMF transmitting devices.
* Crystals (All types, but Shungite is particularly protective)
Crystals are known to vibrate at healing frequencies and some can help transmute harmful radiation.
* Orgonite / orgone energy generators
By amplifying the vibrational energies of crystals, orgonite devices generate scalar waves that have a much larger range than Crystals alone.
* House plants
Not only do houseplants naturally help to clean the air in your home, they may also be identify areas of EMF radiation. If your plant does poorly near a wi-fi router for example, maybe some orgonite will help? If the plant improves with the orgonite then thats a great indicator that the orgonite is helping to mitigate the harmful EMFs.
* Grounding & Earthing yourself (regularly)
Whenever you feel stressed and the energy is 'all in your head', take a minute to ground yourself and visualise energies flowing down your body into the earth. Earthing can really help disperse the negative energies that our bodies accumulate. Barefoot on grass is great, paddling barefoot on the beach is even better!
* Limit use of electricals, bin the microwave!
We have not had a microwave for many years and certainly don't miss it! Think of other appliances that you may not really need - A dishwasher perhaps?
* Avoid DECT phones, and restrict mobiles when possible - use landlines!
Cordless DECT phones constantly send signals to the base unit so they are best avoided where possible. Mobile phones should be carried in a bag rather than next to the body and should be nowhere near you when you sleep at night.
* Take care with Smart appliances and say no to Smart meters!
Smart meters are another technology that constantly emit signals. Once installed they are difficult to get removed so avoid them if at all possible.

(Article taken from our June 2017 newsletter)