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Bowel problems are nature's warning for serious health problems 

Its true! The colon is the route to expel toxins. When it does not work effectively, toxins accumulate which results in health disorders. What is most surprising is that apparently unrelated disorders have found to be related to an unclean colon. For example, stress, depression, premature ageing, arthritis besides several others. 

Unfortunately, modern diet places an extraordinary load on the colon due to which it is not able to discharge toxins effectively. 

It is only cleanliness that heals.

Toxins are the only cause of disease. Accumulated toxins (e.g. excessive faecal matter in the large intestine) create conditions for germs to breed and allow blood to get poisoned. It is crucial to undergo body detoxification periodically so that these cannot accumulate. 

On the positive side, a clean and flushed colon makes a person feel extremely energetic and positive. Also, the absence of a breeding ground to germs results in a dramatic increase in immunity from any kind of infection. 

Why do colon cleansing naturally ?

"Enema is better than any purgative / laxative medicine" - Hippo crates, the father of modern medicine 

Modern medicine has devised several ways to "easily" cleanse the colon. However, in many cases, these "constipation remedies" are habit forming and are not very effective. In fact, funny as it may seem, they in fact add to the toxin level by inducing chemical reactions. 

Enema is by far the best way to cleanse the colon effectively and easily. 

Moreover, enema is proven to be extremely effective for hemorrhoid treatment, ulcerative colitis treatment and for simply constipation.


Myth #1: It is difficult 

Reality: Quite contrarily, it is one of the easiest methods of thorough colon cleansing. Following the instructions as provided in the enema instruction booklet will make you aware how wonderfully easy the procedure is.

Myth #2: It is habit forming 

Reality: In nature cure, patients who were given enema for months did not take even a day to leave it or live without it.

Myth #3: It weakens the Intestine 

Reality: It never weakens the intestine and rectum; instead taking enema rationally activates and strengthens them.

Enema greatly contributes to the strength of the digestive system. 

It improves the blood circulation not only to the large intestine but also to the organs of the whole digestive system. 

It improves the digestion of food and also improves the secretion of the digestive juices/ enzymes.

Our enema kits are supplied with a comprehensive 4-page information and instruction booklet, plus additional kit usage and assembly instructions. This will help you to practice your enema safely and with ease. In addition we are happy to answer your queries by phone and email in a confidential and friendly manner.