How to make Solé

Solé is a state of salt dissolved into water to its maximum saturation, at which point it is no longer water or salt, but known as Solé (soh-lay). Taking solé made with a good quality Himalayan salt such as Holistic Valley is an excellent way of re-mineralising the body, making the wondrous mineral content of the salt even more bioavailable to our body. 

Making Solé couldn't be easier. Just put some himalayan salt rocks in a kilner jar (or about quarter fill it if using granules) and fill up with filtered water. Then agitate a bit, cover and leave to dissolve overnight agitating now and then. If you are using granules and they all dissolve, add some more each day until some remain in the bottom, indicating you have reached maximum solution.

You can start using it after 24hrs but it may not be fully ready for a few days.

Taking Solé 

Take your solution by adding a teaspoon (2-3 times a day) OR a tablespoon (once a day) of the solé water to a glass of water. Do not be tempted to drink neat as it can cause sickness!

Solé can also be used to re-mineralise distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water before drinking so as the empty water does not leach essential minerals from your body.

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