Important Advice on Sourcing CBD Products

Sourcing CBD

Through our thorough research in adding CBD products to our range, we are very confident of the quality and source of the brands of CBD that we offer, including our own Holistic Valley brand. We are able to obtain higher strengths by special request.

Here are some tips we have put together on sourcing quality and legal CBD products:

  • It needs to be Hemp CBD not Cannabis CBD. The reason is because Cannabis strains have higher THC content and so need further processing and extraction to reduce the THC in the extract/oil to the legal level, thus de-naturing the product further. 
  • The strain that is believed to be best is Cannabis Sativa L. Other strains of industrial hemp should be avoided has very little CBD content and the more plants that are used, the increased likelihood of contamination, as the hemp plants absorb pollutants from the soil (which is why they are good at decontaminating land). 
  • If the CBD extract is diluted into the 'mother' hemp seed oil rather than another oil, it is believed to have better effect and bioavailability. However, it can be purposefully diluted in another oil/substrate for a purpose (eg. lighter oils used in a spray where hemp seed oil is too viscous).
  • Extraction processes should be safe and not use petrochemicals or other harsh chemicals which leave behind toxic residue in the extract. CO2 extraction is deemed the most favourable, and some quote 'super critical'.
  • Organically grown plants should be used. It is important when creating an extract to have plants without toxic contaminants. The extract is highly concentrated and so will be any added toxins that come along for the ride! 

Did you Know?

Hemp and Cannabis are actually the same plant, hemp being given to a cannabis plant with very low THC which can be caused either through pollination or by crossbreeding different strains to obtain different cannabinoid levels. When the Cannabis plant is pollinated, it literally changes and becomes Hemp and the THC content drastically reduces (this is commonly called ‘turning male’ by growers). 

Comparing to other brands

This article was initially prompted by the popular question of how our CBD oil compares with that from Holland and Barratt and other brands. We can not find any definitive answers about the source and manufacturing of the H&B oil, which certainly raises suspicion. In this age of information comes misinformation and disinformation from those willing to make money from misunderstandings and cognitive dissonance. We also feel that mass produced products in the mainstream, in general, are of poorer quality and are generally less effective than those made in smaller batches by independent suppliers.

BEWARE - something to be aware of when you shop around, is that many sellers and manufacturers quote a percentage of Hemp Extract, but this is often the WHOLE hemp extract and NOT the CBD content. This is commonly found on market sites such as Amazon who forbid the use of the term CBD, and have therefore left the information open to abuse and misunderstanding. So if a product says 50% hemp extract, only a small percentage of this may actually be CBD. It also devalues products that contain the genuine percentage of CBD, making them look very overpriced. Our advice is to contact the manufacturer to ask for the data sheet that shows the actual CBD content. Please be aware that the percentage we advertise on all our CBD products is the actual percentage of CBD in the paste or oil.

Please always do your own research thoroughly on any product whether buying from others or from us so you can make informed decisions for yourselves. 

The Legalities

CBD is legal in the UK. THC is illegal, though an upper legal limit of 0.2% is allowed. We have to provide Trading Standards with a laboratory certificate proving the THC content as will other sellers. A ratio of CBD and THC is the most effective at assisting the body with major disease (in differing ratios for different conditions), unfortunately at this time it is illegal to sell oils with a substantial THC content. That doesn't take away from CBD's other well known properties confirmed by scientific studies, and available to you on a simple Google search. (some trusted sources are

THC or no?

The Holistic Valley CBD Extract contains the ratios of CBD to THC as naturally found in the variety of plant. To obtain no THC, further processing is required. So basically, the option with minimal THC is less processed than the option of having the THC further extracted, which some find preferable. However, some do not want any THC whether this is for religious beliefs, they may be in a profession that requires drug-testing, or may just prefer not to have any! When we have energy tested our products with kinesiology, they have all tested strongly or we would not sell them. 

We have found through feedback and personal use that smaller/fewer doses may be needed with the CBD extract containing THC compared to the CBD oils without. We believe this could be due to the cannabinoids and other phytochemicals acting in synergy and natural balance as further extraction or processing has not taken place.

How much to take

There are no official dosages or daily limits set for CBD. This can allow manufacturers to recommend higher dosages at their will and can lead to unnecessary expense for you and greater sales for them! It is generally regarded that a daily dose of 25-30mg is sufficient for most cases, and has been the case for us with personal use for most general complaints. This can be divided into equal daily dosages if required (we recommend up to 4 times per day), and taking regularly like this appears to be more beneficial. The stronger percentage of 50% as found in the syringes are ideal for those seeking stronger effects in small doses.

Our Range

We offer options both with a permissible limit of THC and with Zero THC, depending on your requirements, preferences and circumstances. All our CBD products are CO2 extracted from organically grown Cannabis Sativa L strain.

Much love x

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