Sourcing CBD Oil

We are often asked how our CBD oil compares with that from Holland and Barratt. We can not find any definitive answers about the source and manufacturing of the H&B oil, which certainly raises suspicion. We are by no means experts in this field but we have done our research and are confident of the quality and source of the Improve Me CBD that we offer. We are able to obtain higher strengths by special request.

Here are some tips on sourcing CBD:

  • It needs to be Cannabis/Hemp CBD not Industrial Hemp CBD. But it can be diluted in hemp seed oil. Industrial hemp has very little CBD content and the more plants that are used, the increased likelihood of contamination, as the hemp plants absorb pollutants from the soil (which is why they are good at decontaminating land). The strain that is believed to be best is Cannabis Sativa L.
  • If the CBD extract is diluted into the 'mother' hemp seed oil rather than another oil such as olive it is believed to have better effect and bioavailability.
  • Extraction processes should be safe and not use petrochemicals or other harsh chemicals which leave behind toxic residue in the extract.
  • Organically grown plants should be used. It is important when creating an extract to have plants without toxic contaminants. The extract is highly concentrated and so will be any added toxins that come along for the ride! 

CBD is legal in the UK. THC is illegal. We have to provide Trading Standards with a laboratory certificate proving there is no THC content as will other sellers. Even though a ratio of CBD and THC is the most effective at assisting the body with major disease (in differing ratios for different conditions), unfortunately at this time it is only CBD that can be supplied. That doesn't take away from CBD's other well known properties confirmed by scientific studies, and available to you on a simple Google search (some trusted sources are,

If there are any pointers we've left out, please feel free to comment!

In this age of information comes misinformation and disinformation from those willing to make money from misunderstandings and cognitive dissonance. Please always do your own research thoroughly on any product whether buying from others or from us so you can make informed decisions for yourselves.

Much love x