The Wisdom of German New Medicine

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Be prepared to unlearn everything you have previously learnt. This information may challenge you, and you may be tempted to deny and dismiss some of this research as it is so far removed from what we have been brought up to believe. But you need to keep your mind open to change, and your heart open to truth. In doing this, you may realise, as I have, that this is awakening what we truly and instinctively know.

This information is based upon 40 years of scientifically and clinically correlated research by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer. Dr Hamer was a German doctor who developed testicular cancer shortly after his son Dirk died after being accidentally shot. He wondered if the cancer was linked to the shock of losing his son, and after discovering all his cancer patients had also experienced unexpected, traumatic shocks before their disease occurred, he set about his research and German New Medicine was born.

Dr Hamer stated that if there was just one exception to a theory, then it was incorrect. No guesswork or assumptions, every discovery had to be found to be ‘without exception’ before it was stated as fact. GNM leaves no question unanswered and studying it reveals how many assumptions, unanswered questions and unproven science exists in the modern conventional medical world. It has been stated that Dr Hamer had a success rate of 98% of full recovery with his patients, which reduced to 92% if the patient had previous conventional treatment. The small percentage who did not pull through may have simply been  due to the fact that they could not shake the fear of the so-called disease they were confronting.

In 1981, Dr Hamer completed a thesis which he submitted to the University of Tuebingen for evaluation, but it was rejected and he was told if he didn’t renounce his findings that he would lose his job. Not willing to abandon this life-saving research, he continued to work privately. However a few years later he lost his doctor licence on the grounds that he would not renounce his findings and conform to the conventional paradigm. He continued working privately, relying on other doctors for brain scans and patient records to continue his research, and despite continued attacks and intimidation, extradition to France, and even 2 unjustified stints in prison. He continued his work until he sadly died at age 82 in 2017 from a stroke. It is due to his persecution and the suppression of his findings, that this life-saving research is little-known today.

After analysing over 40,000 cases, Dr Hamer discovered the purpose of every so-called ‘disease’ and developed the ‘Five Biological Laws’. The science of German New Medicine is bound by the science of embryology (the development of the embryo) and follows evolutionary logic. His research proves without doubt that diseases are not malfunctions of our body but meaningful biological programmes set into motion by a specific conflict shock or trauma (which he calls a DHS or Dirk Hamer Syndrome after his late son Dirk). The conflict shock causes a lesion in the brain at the control relay of a specific body part that is instrumental in assisting our survival in coping with the specific trauma experienced. He also discovered that all of these biological processes run in 2 phases, a conflict-active phase and a healing phase which runs after the conflict is resolved, and this is when most symptoms will occur. This means that when we experience symptoms, we are actually healing and not malfunctioning!

To explain GNM, we can look at the Five Biological Laws:

The First Biological Law (the Iron Rule of Cancer)

The First Biological Law has 3 criteria:

1. Every ‘disease’ is a Special Biological Programme which is set off by an “unexpected, highly acute, and isolating conflict shock that occurs simultaneously in the psyche, the brain, and on the corresponding organ.”

A conflict shock is something that occurs unexpectedly and catches us unprepared and off-guard. This is very subjective and the type of conflict that is experienced depends on the person’s perception of the situation which is based upon their beliefs, upbringing, emotional state, etc.

For example, a divorce may be experienced as an abandonment conflict (affecting the kidneys), self- devaluation conflict (affecting the muscles, lymphs nodes or bones), separation conflict (affecting the skin), starvation conflict (affecting the liver), indigestible morsel (affecting the digestive system/GI tract), etc. – or a combination of these.

The conflict theme is directly related to the function of the related organ, e.g. a morsel conflict would affect the alimentary canal (either unable to catch, eliminate or digest a morsel). As humans are emotional, complex beings, the conflict can be of a figurative nature. For example, a death fright conflict can be experienced when a cancer diagnosis is received. We can even suffer a conflict on behalf of someone else!

2. The content of the conflict determines which organ will be affected and from which area of the brain the biological programme will be controlled. Specific conflicts will trigger a specific biological programme to run, the purpose of which is to make the organ stronger or more efficient so we can cope with and survive the unexpected trauma. For example, a death-fright conflict will trigger extra cells to grow in the lung to enable more surface area for more oxygen to be brought into the body to help prevent death.

3. Every Biological Programme runs simultaneously on the level of the psyche, the brain, and the correlating organ. “The differentiation between the psyche, the brain, and the body is purely academic. In reality, they are one.” (Ryke Geerd Hamer)

The perception of the conflict occurs entirely on a subconscious level. Generally there are no symptoms in the conflict-active phase; hence, we will not know which type of conflict we have experienced until symptoms arise in the healing phase. The intensity of the healing phase depends on the intensity of the conflict and the length of time we were in the conflict-active phase.

The Second Biological Law – Every Biological Special Program runs in two phases provided there is a resolution of the conflict.

Phase 1 is known as the Conflict-active phase. It is a time of stress, difficulty sleeping, cold hands, and generally no physical symptoms. While the conflict is active, the biological programme is facilitating the survival and coping of the conflict by either creating more cells (to increase surface area for more absorption, for example) or cell loss (ulceration) to widen a vessel (to allow more flow of bodily fluid through, for example).

Once the conflict is resolved, the healing phase begins. This is the body’s way of getting back to normal, and is where the symptoms of ‘disease’ as we know them begin. The healing process is assisted by bacteria such as TB, fungi such as Candida and other microbes which, until activated by the brain, remain dormant (if not wiped out by overuse of antibiotics and vaccines). These microbes either help to break down additional cells or replenish cells depending on the biological programme that is running. There is inflammation in this phase, and thus often pain, as the body actually requires a fluid environment for the healing to take place. There are also sweats, particularly night sweats if TB bacteria is involved, and tiredness, often fatigue. This is because our body needs minimal movement and to rest in order to heal. Where there are night sweats meaning TB bacteria is involved, it is important to consume more protein as TB produce a lot of discharge containing high amount of proteins. What we see in patients that appear to be wasting away with a serious disease, is actually protein loss and this can be fatal.

The main point to take from this phase is that our symptoms are nothing to fear. They are purposeful and are an indication that we are actually in healing. Conventionally we try to turn away from symptoms through inconvenience and fear. But working with the symptoms, supporting the process and allowing the healing to happen with a positive mindset is what is required to ensure the healing phase is completed.

Once the first part of healing phase (PCL-A) is complete, the body needs to push out the waste. So the body temporarily goes back into the ‘stress’ phase in what is known as an ‘Epileptoid Crisis’. At this phase we see symptoms such as nose bleeds, coughing fits, abdominal cramps, etc. depending on the biological programme that is running its course.

Then the second part of the healing phase (PCL-B) sees discharges, sometimes bleeding, mucous, pus, diarrhoea, etc. as the body rids itself of the toxins and waste products produced during healing, and finally the scarring and healing of the tissue.

Chronic conditions are caused by a ‘hanging healing’ which is when the body cannot complete the healing phase. This can be due to conflict relapses, poor diet, certain medications, and stimulants which can push the body back into the conflict-active phase by taken the body out of the vagatonic (relaxed, unstressed) state. This may cause symptoms to disappear (due to there being no symptoms in the conflict-active phase). This can create a belief that the medication/stimulant is helping – but in reality it is not allowing the biological programme to complete its healing.

Allergies are caused when ‘tracks’ are created that are basically triggers of the original conflict. When these triggers are experienced, the biological programme is reactivated.

The Third Biological Law  

In line with embryology, the control relays of our organs are found in the part of the brain that developed at the same time as the organ. All organs controlled from the same part of the brain will run the same biological programme. For example: in all organs that are controlled from the brainstem and cerebellum there will be cell proliferation in the conflict-active phase and cell removal by TB bacteria and fungi in the healing phase; in all organs that are controlled from the cerebral medulla and the cerebral cortex, there will be cell loss in the conflict-active phase, which will be replenished during the healing phase).

The Fourth Biological Law – Microbes don’t cause diseases but play instead a vital role during the healing phase.

During the healing phase, bacteria such as TB, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and fungi such as Candida will become active in order to remove the additional cells that are no longer required or to assist the replenishing of tissue. Each type of microbe has its own specific task. So-called “infections” such as a Candida infection (commonly known as candidiasis) occur therefore in the healing phase. Its intensity is proportional to the length and intensity of the conflict-active phase. Microbes require an acidic environment in which to thrive and work. Therefore the acidic imbalance is not the cause of disease, but an essential part of healing.

The Fifth Biological Law – Every so-called disease is part of a Significant Biological Special Program of Nature created to assists an organism (humans and animals alike) during unexpected distress.

Dr. Hamer: “All so-called diseases have a special biological meaning. While we used to regard Mother Nature as fallible and had the audacity to believe that She constantly made mistakes and caused breakdowns (malignant, senseless, degenerative cancerous growths, etc.) we can now see, as the scales fall from our eyes, that it was our ignorance and pride that were and are the only foolishness in our cosmos. Blinded, we brought upon ourselves this senseless, soulless and brutal medicine. Full of wonder, we can now understand for the first time that Nature is orderly and that every occurrence in Nature is meaningful, even in the framework of the whole. Nothing in Nature is meaningless, malignant or diseased.”

Assisting Healing

Conventionally, we want to stop our symptoms and move away from them. True healing exists when we embrace our symptoms as the healing they are, feeling relief that our conflict has been resolved. Moving through our symptoms, and therefore through the healing, and understanding what to expect removes any fear or concern over what is happening. Working with our symptoms to allow healing to progress is paramount. Stiffness and pain cause immobility, and is our body’s way of saying “don’t move in that particular fashion as I need to heal this area”, fatigue is our body’s way of saying “rest as I need to use the energy to heal”, and so on. We can learn to listen to what our symptoms are telling us and prevent self-devaluation by having positive thoughts and attitude. This is essential as negative thinking can trigger new conflicts such as self-devaluation or existence conflicts, and exacerbate the situation.

Supporting our health with a well-balanced, healthful diet will facilitate our ability to heal efficiently and effectively. Purposefully selected foods, supplements, herbs and remedies that work in harmony with the phase we are experiencing will also support the healing process. An excellent way of assessing what the body needs is through an energetic testing method such as kinesiology muscle testing, or simply knowing the properties of different substances, and avoiding the stimulants throughout the healing phase so as not to disrupt the vagatonic state.

Most important is a true understanding of the conflict and learning from the experience so we do not suffer a similar conflict in the future. Understanding the reasons for our symptoms is paramount to facilitate the healing process.

Understanding the GNM principles confirms that therapies themselves cannot alone offer a ‘cure’. However there are many ways we can support the natural process with therapies, though we need to take into account the phase we are in. Some examples are Reiki Healing, which is useful in the healing phase to help to de-stress and relax, and a gentle, pampering massage can promote a feeling of relaxation and well-being during this phase. Mindfulness and meditation is useful throughout the biological programme when we need to change our perception of situations and relieve old patterns, and this can be assisted with hypnotherapy or sound therapy if need be. Kinesiology at each phase through the biological programme can assess what the body needs and wants at that time, addressing deficiencies and toxicities and bringing our body back into a balanced state to enable it to better cope with the heaing process. Homeopathy works in harmony with the body’s own healing so works well with GNM. Nutritional Therapy and Aromatherapy with a therapist who understands GNM principles, may be used effectively to facilitate the process. Although it is not going to necessarily resolve a conflict, EFT tapping may help manage stress and anxiety, and help to ‘downgrade’ an intense conflict. It is always advisable to seek a therapist who has a firm knowledge of GNM so their actions do not bring about a severe healing crisis, or are contra-indicatory to the phase you are experiencing.

Causes of ‘Disease’

Understanding the meaningful biological programmes of diseases, we can see that a poor diet, toxins, smoking, and so on cannot in themselves cause disease, but that is not to say that they can’t damage our organs. Malnutrition causing deficiencies, toxicities and injuries can all cause symptoms in absence of a conflict shock.

So what can we do to prevent disease?

We will experience conflicts which will lead to ‘disease’, so we cannot really prevent them. But we can help ourselves in the following ways:

  • Eat healthily and ensuring we are in balance without deficiencies, toxicities, and so on, so our body is able to optimally heal.
  • Keep a positive mindset and see the positive in situations to minimise the effect of a conflict shock
  • Recognise when you have had a conflict shock so you can work quickly to resolve the conflict. As the healing phase is directly proportional in length and intensity to the length and intensity of the conflict-active phase, this really is true prevention of a more serious condition.
  • Reduce every day stress so as not to hinder the healing of any minor conflicts we may be healing from, and to be emotionally stronger for when a conflict may occur
  • Heal past emotions when they present themselves to bring emotional strength (it is not advised to dig up old trauma unless these present themselves to be resolved and are prohibiting a happy life)

For more information, you can visit the website This has been compiled and is run by Caroline Markolin, PhD who was one of Dr Hamer’s students and works to keep his research unadulterated and true to Dr Hamer’s findings. This is an excellent comprehensive hub of information. For the direct link to the lecture on the Five Biological Laws CLICK HERE