Zell FAQ with our Nutritional Therapist and Kinesiologist

We are regularly receiving the following queries about our Zell products. So we thought we would put this FAQ together to help you! Danielle is a nutritional therapist, kinesiologist and our natural health consultant. She has the added advantage of having her own colourful health journey which she had always managed naturally, including recovery from breast cancer in 3 months, fibromyalgia, chronic candida and hypothyroidism.

Zell has fruit and yeast in it. Is it safe for Candida?

Zell is perfectly fine for candida as the yeast is not in a form that feeds it. The way that the product is specially formulated makes it actually anti candida.

My personal experience with Zell - I wanted to avoid Zell at first as I had candida when we first received a sample of it over 10 years ago. But when I read up on it's special formula, how it acted upon our cells and the benefits it was offering, I felt reassured and decided to give it a go as I was extremely low in energy and mood. I took the week off work and took 30ml every day for a week. When I returned, my staff couldn't believe the difference in me and started looking at it for themselves and recommending it wholeheartedly to customers!

Is Zell ok for the ketogenic diet as it contains fruits?

I used Zell Immunokomplex throughout last year when I was healing my immune system so it could deal with breast cancer efficiently. I was following a strict ketogenic diet and tested my urine and blood every day for ketones. Zell never interfered with the diet. The fruits are fermented and grown with the yeast so the frustose is used up and it therefore has minimal net carb value. My personal experience - take care with candida and keto dieting, as becoming too strict and low carb can encourage the candida to become adapted to using ketones for energy!  I am now on keto but having increased carbs every few days and taking Zell Oxygen and probiotics to help with keeping the candida in balance.

What is your overall opinion of Zell and Dr Wolz products and would they help me?

Both Zells really are amazing products and have helped me a lot personally. They consistently test strong for my clients when tested with kinesiology, in fact I have yet to find someone who tests weak on them! I don't usually blindly recommend supplements without testing the client unless there is a product such as this that is consistently strong for people.  

When you read the labels and compare to other products such as B complex supplements and minerals, you will notice that the potencies are all comparitively low, and I'm sure this may put some people off. But the energy testing doesn't lie - when a client is deficient in 1 or more B vitamins, Zell will almost always test stronger than the isolated B vitamin or vitamins in question and other B complexes. It is due to the ultimate bio-availability of the nutrients and the way they are delivered and supported in our bodies for correct assimilation. Other supplements without the delivery and support will use up reserves in the body in the processing and over processing of excess nutrients taken in with larger potencies. 

Why is Zell so inexpensive if it is so good?

My respect for Zell and Dr Wolz has grown and the products are great value for what they are. In a competitive and almost 'snobby' market,  we are so used to being hit with huge price tags for products we are promised are so different to others. Most of this touting is based upon manipulated science. We are also being conditioned into a 'more is better' mentality with high potency supplements being 'the thing to have',  but the reality can be overspending and overburdening our bodies.

While I am, in a way, touting Dr Wolz as being one of these unique products, you can see yourself by the price tag that they are not charging the earth just because they can. For me, this reassures that a company and/or product are more genuine in some way.  We are getting more Dr wolz products in soon.

It tastes awful!

The Zell is based upon yeast and fermented fruit (and veg in Immunokomplex) so yes, this is reflected in the taste! But you really do get used to it! I dilute it in about 3 times a much water and just drink it back in one go. If you find it too strong try splitting the dose into smaller amounts and adding more water. It is better to have your Zell in the morning and definitely before lunch as it will give you energy! Honestly, it will be worth it!