• Aqueous CD by Ricky Donaldson

PRS FREE Music for relaxation and complimentary therapies by Ricky Donaldson

Music inspires us all, but to be engulfed in dreamlike music as it floats up on one's consciousness heightens the senses to an unimaginable level. The soft tones of tranquil music bring about a sense of inner peace and calm while easing and releasing stress and worries of an over-burdened mind, body and soul.

Whether you're at home, travelling or lucky enough to be relaxing in a spa environment, this wonderful collection of sounds will guide you to a place of de-stress and comfort.

This CD contains 7 tracks and is ideal for therapist's use during treatment, Yoga class during relaxation and/or practice and personal use in your own home. 

It is free from any public performance licence and is therefore suitable for use professionally in classes, workshops and treatments.

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Aqueous CD by Ricky Donaldson

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