• Magnesium Chloride Flakes Dead Sea Origin 25kg Sack

High quality magnesium chloride hexahydrate from the Dead Sea, Free from phosphate, bromides and ammonia & dissolves quickly. Ideal for bathing for magnesium deficiency, to relive aching muscles and joints, and has a plethora of health benefits (you need to do your own research on this!). Transdermal magnesium supplementation a very efficient option as Transdermally, magnesium gets into the cells – where it is most needed – much more quickly than it does when taken by mouth. 

Magnesium can be administered in baths, foot baths and compresses. For a bath use 500g-1Kg and 250g – 500g in a foot bath, most beneficial before bed time, since deep relaxation resulting from an increase of magnesium in the body will certainly promote sleep.

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Magnesium Chloride Flakes Dead Sea Origin 25kg Sack

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