Sustainably harvested Organically sourced Palm oil from Ecuador.

A minimally refined, food grade palm oil. It has very little fragrance and is suitable for all applications from food use to aromatherapy and massage. Similar to coconut oil, it is solid at room temperature and melts at body temperature and makes an ideal massage balm.

Latin Name : Elaeis guineensis

Supplied in food grade plastic tubs/buckets.

The 400g tub size is gently melted into food grade tubs, ready to use as a massage balm for your convenience. all the larger sizes is cold scooped or cut into the container rather than purposely heated and melted as most manufacturers do. This means that the solid oil is packed into the bucket in pieces and gaps between these pieces will be present in the bucket or tub. Obviously in hot weather the oil will naturally melt, leaving no gaps in the container when it re-solidifies and the container may then appear not to be filled enough! As it is sold by net weight you can be assured you are getting the amount that you have paid for!

If using as a massage balm, gently melt into a smooth texture and allow to solidify before first use.

Palm Oil has many culinary uses, but we particularly chose palm oil for its excellent properties as a massage balm, although not technically hypo-allergenic, it is much less likely for people to have any adverse reaction to it compared with some other oils. It is also a very stable cooking oil.

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Palm Oil Organically Sourced, Sustainable, Refined by Holistic Valley

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