This is the purest form of coconut oil in its Virgin unadulterated form and it is food grade quality. It has not been heat treated or refined, so it retains the smell and even some of the coconut flavour. It is pure white or slightly translucent when solid and clear when melted ensuring its quality and purity.
Many prefer this virgin coconut oil to the refined version as it retains the maximum nutrient value.

Latin Name : Cocus nucifera

Supplied in food grade plastic tubs/buckets.

Holistic Valley coconut oils are packaged cold, scooped or cut into the container rather than purposely heated and melted as most manufacturers do. This is to ensure further preservation of its properties as it is not subject to unnecessary heat. This means that the solid oil is packed into the bucket in pieces and gaps between these pieces will be present in the bucket or tub. Obviously in hot weather the oil will naturally melt, leaving no gaps in the container when it re-solidifies and the container may then appear not to be filled enough! As it is sold by net weight you can be assured you are getting the amount that you have paid for!

Excellent for pet care, making turmeric gold paste (recipe in our blog), sun tan lotion and raw recipes!

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Coconut Organically Sourced Virgin Oil by Holistic Valley

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