• Zell Kinderimmun 65g

Great alternative to the zell oxygen plus and immunokomplex liquids suited to children or adults who don't get on with the taste of the liquids! In powder form, supplied with a scoop, perfect to add to smoothies, yoghurt drinks etc. Be sure to stir well!

Jar contains 65g of powder.

Daily recommended Dosages:-
Children 2-3 years - 1 scoop (1g)
Children 4-6 years - 2 scoops (2g)
Children 6 and up - 3 scoops (3g)

Dr. Wolz immune children is a natural supplement for children with a coordinated immune activated complex. To strengthen the immune system was developed by Dr. Wolz Research an immune combination for infants and school children aged 14 years. immunocompromised children Dr. Wolz is recommended for special burdens and growing. The immune active complex in children immune Dr.Wolz consists of various natural and precious ingredients that are combined to achieve an active and simultaneously passive strengthening the immune system. ingredients to actively strengthen: (1 -> 3), (1 -> 6) -beta-D-glucans , the beta-glucans stimulate active the immune cells and activate thus the immune system. Zinc Located in the zinc yeast biologically bound zinc supports the immune system and provides for a balanced metabolism.lactic acid bacteria, the bifidobacteria provide for the activation of the gut's immune system. They act probiotic. Vitamin C from acerola powder from the juice of the acerola contains a high degree of vitamin C from natural sources.

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Zell Kinderimmun 65g

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