Official Certifications & Licences

Please find below details of our official licences to the Aromatherapy Trade Council and the Hygiene Rating for our Food Grade preparation areas.


Up until 1st January 2019 we were licensed with the Soil Association for our organic products. However, unfortunately it has become financially nonviable and unsustainable for us to continue to pay the high annual fee without it having an extreme detrimental impact on our prices to you. The products we source remain the same products, are prepared in the same fashion as when we held the licence and are all Soil Association certified under the food licenses of our suppliers, but we are unable to pass them on as Soil Association Organic without holding a licence ourselves. We therefore now describe our organic products as 'Organically Sourced' with our own special logo (specific to Holistic Valley products) so you are easily able to identify which products are sourced organically. For your archive purposes, our licence number up to 31st December 2018 was DA26743.


Assuring you or our quality and adherence to procedures, safety and regulations, we are proud to be licensed with the Aromatherapy Trade Council under licence number: ATC/0612


As we prepare food grade items and supplements, we are classed as a food premises. Our commitment is always to offering the highest quality of items and the best service to you that we can, and we are proud that this is reflected in our achievement of the highest hygiene score of "5" for our preparation areas.