GDPR Statement

Customer GDPR Tools

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affords our customers improved access and control over their personal data. Regarding use of our websites, we have introduced some automated functionality (GDPR Tools) for this purpose.

These GDPR Tools can be accessed by first logging into your account, then under the My Account section, you will find a section entitled My GDPR Tools. By accessing the GDPR Tools link provided there, you can access the various sections required for GDPR compliance with respect to your personal data, namely;

Your Right to Data Rectification

Your Right to Data Portability

Your Right to Restriction of Processing

Your Right to Access of Personal Data

Your Right to Be Forgotten

Our GDPR Audit

In addition to the above automated tools, we have performed an extensive audit and revision of our data handling procedures to ensure GDPR Compliance;

We appointed Lloyd Bryant (Company Director) to the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

We confirmed that we do not collect personal customer data unnecessarily.

We confirmed that our suppliers who might be exposed to our customers personal data are themselves GDPR compliant.

We have put necessary procedures in place to comply with GDPR and data protection requirements.

We have ensured all staff are aware of and comply with necessary Data Protection Requirements

We are also updating our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy Pages to reflect the changes required.

Ongoing GDPR Compliance

The process of ensuring data security is ongoing and we will periodically review our implementation to ensure ongoing compliance or if any changes are made to regulatory requirements in this area.

Our Track Record Regarding Personal Data

We have always strived to minimize the exposure of our customers personal data.

By programming and maintaining our own websites and sourcing and managing the hosting ourselves, we absolutely minimize the number of people who can potentially access customer data. Because website hosting is a complicated business, we have chosen a well-established, trusted supplier for this service. We draw on their industry-leading expertise in hosting technology to ensure that our data is safe and secure.

We have installed SSL certificates on all our websites for several years now.

We have no external trackers on our websites. Many e-commerce websites are full of trackers that are constantly gleaning your browsing behaviour (personal data) in the background. These range from advertisments to social media to analytics software. If you install a browser extension that blocks or highlights  these trackers, you may be amazed at how much this happens with most other websites out there. On our websites you will see zero!

This Document should be read in conjuction with our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions