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We are a family-run, honest, ethical, caring and friendly supplier for your natural health care needs,  offering you great quality, well-researched products since 2004.

  • WELL-RESEARCHED: All our products are hand-selected and energy-tested by our resident Nutritional Therapist and Kinesiologist. We have worked and researched very hard over the years to bring you the best value and best quality products that are currently available on the market, with the balanced view of our no frills policy.

  • NO FRILLS: We have a "No Frills policy" that ensures better value for you, the customer. Our website may not be flash, our labelling and packaging may be simple and our catalogue and literature may not be glossy and professionally designed. This is because we do everything ourselves, saving us money and ensuring what you pay is for the product and not for any unnecessarily expensive gimmicks and sales! We are very down to earth, what you see is what you get!

  • ETHICAL VALUES: We take care to source products from those who share our values, and are very sensitive to the truth behind the issues and agendas surrounding the current political climate.

Our approach to business has been greatly appreciated over the years. Here is what some of our customers have said about us.
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