WE NEED YOUR HELP! In light of recent dealings with Trading Standards, we are concerned that some of our products are at stake from being removed from sale. We believe this is due to the current attacks upon natural health rather than safety, as our natural products have been used and sold for many years without any complaints or negative effects, and some have a very long-extending history.
We are compiling a file of positive reviews and feedback for all our products, in particular the items under threat and our own branded 'Holistic Valley' products. Our aim is to prove that 1.our products are safe, 2. they have been used for many years here in the UK with no adverse effects, and 3. may have benefit to health/well-being.
So, if you use or have any experience of our products and would like to contribute to our cause to keep these items on sale, please email danielle@shopholistic.co.uk to give your feedback/review. It is particularly useful to have feedback that is specifically product related and clearly detailed (eg if you have experience of many products, it would help if you listed your feedback for each separately) and to detail how long you have used it, stating whether you have had any negative effects and also any benefit you found. In particular we need this for Holistic Valley products such as (but not limited to) diatomaceous earth, magnesium flakes, sodium bicarb, coconut oil, aromatherapy range (in particular hand-made creams, soaps, bath bombs, etc), Silver 100 (ionic silver), Amritdhara herbal preparation, Detox Foot Pads, neti/enema equipment, ear candles.
PLEASE support us and help us to keep these items on sale and available to you. Thank you!



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