Our Ethics

Ethical Concerns

At Shop Holistic, we are proud of our ethics and morals. We are very concerned about the future of our world and how every decision we make forms the world we are leaving for our future generations. We are extremely sensitive to many issues, whether they be political, environmental, spiritual and otherwise, and just as concerned at the misinformation readily available on the internet today!

As many of you may have seen us advertising on Sky Channels such as the Controversial Channel (Edge Media TV) and Paradigm Shift TV, we don't need to tell you that we are extremely passionate and aware of the corruption in our world. We are very sensitive to suppliers' ethical issues and will not tolerate any abuse of human or animal rights. Therefore our products are fairly traded, free from animal testing and sourced responsibly.

We are also aware of the many attacks upon the Natural Health industry in the form of such threats as Codex Alimentarius and the phamaceutical industry's desire to monopolise our health care (or could we suggest Sick Care). We have worked closely with organisation such as the National Health Federation, and individuals such as Ian R Crane, Brian Gerrish and Richard D Hall in spreading awareness of these issues and others, and in protecting our Health Freedoms.

Environment Issues

At Shop Holistic we are very concerned about and sensitive to environmental issues. We'd like to let you know what we are doing to help the environment. However we must stress that we do not buy into the Global Warming myth and firmly believe that this is based on manufactured evidence, possibly in place so we can be taxed on the air we breathe as well as everything else!

That said, we are firm believers that we must live in harmony with our Earth and put back all we take. Our Earth is a living being, just as we are and we do not wish to become parasites, but welcomed guests!

* We always use recycled paper for all our general printing and we re-use any wasted paper by printing on the back for admin use or cutting up waste paper for scrap pads.

* We use LED lighting wherever possible, and minimal heating in our warehouse. In Winter we simply put an extra sweater on!

* We re-use as much packaging as we possibly can.

* We try to buy from the UK rather than increase air mileage by importing, although this is not always possible due to the unavailablility in the UK of some of the products we offer.

e.g. Some of our Essential oils, we offer an Organic or British version if available. The choice is then down to you, if you want to pay the extra to get these British or Organic products. We are working towards offering an increasing number of organic products and are certified with the Soil Association for our relevant products. 

If we do all this why aren't we registered & certified with Carbon Neutral or a similar green company?

It's simple - we think this is just a money-making scheme as it costs so much money (thousands of pounds) for the certification. We also don't believe that Carbon Neutral schemes are valid, given the scientific evidence supporting Global Cooling and opposing the effects carbon has on our atmosphere. We would rather save that money to pass more savings onto YOU! The important thing here is intention to try our best to live in harmony with our planet and help it to heal itself in any way we can, and not to pay out for a piece of paper!