• Lapis Lazuli Tumblestone

Lapis Lazuli tumblestone in medium-size.

Lapis is a great stone for clearing the throat & third eye chakras. It is good for using to help remember and interpret your dreams. It is a deeply peaceful stone, dissolving stress and can reverse curses or problems caused from not speaking out in the past. It is a highly protective stone that returns any negative energy or psychic attack back to where it came from. 

Lapis Lazuli harmonises your entire being and brings deep inner-knowledge. It encourages taking charge of your life and reveals inner truths. Aids self-expression without holding back and is a great communicator due to its link with the throat chakra.

It brings clarity and is a powerful thought amplifier. Helps you to confront truth and accept what it teaches you.

IOt alleviates pain and especially migraine. It's good for areas of the throat such as thyroid, larynx and the throat itself and purifies the blood, boosting the immune system. It is also believed to help vertigo and insomnia and lower blood pressure.

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Lapis Lazuli Tumblestone

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