• Green Tourmaline Tumblestone

Green Tourmaline in small-sized tumblestones. *

Tourmaline is a powerful cleansing and detoxifying crystal and is the substance contained in some of our detox foot pads. It is also a protective stone, forming a protective shield around the body.

They are excellent for clearing the chakras and aura and are a powerful mental healer. It helps with paranoia and dyslexia and improves co-ordination.

Green tourmaline is also known as verdelite. It opens the heart chakra and promotes a sense of belonging and encourages compassion and tenderness. It helps to see all possible solutions and aids in selcting the most constructive. It overcomes problems with father figures and facilitates the study of herbalism. It also has the power to heal plants. 

It aids sleep and quietens the mind. Facilitates in weight loss and treats eyes, thymus, brain and heart. Heels constipation and is great for hyperactive children

* average size 8-12mm on longest dimension, shape and colour vary considerably, please call or email beforehand if you have specific requirements.

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Green Tourmaline Tumblestone

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