• Epsom Salts (BP/FCC)

Espom Salts, also known as Magnesium Sulphate can be ingested to flush the system, including in liver cleanse therapy, and used in the bath for drawing, cleansing and moisturising. 

A note from our Nutritional Therapist:  I do not recommend taking Epsom Salts internally or in the bath for the purpose of magnesium supplementation. This is because the magnesium is in its sulphate form and therefore has a drawing effect rather than an absorbing and replenishing effect. If you are requiring magnesium supplementation, it is strongly advised you use magnesium chloride flakes for trans-dermal therapy (absorption through the skin) which is the most bio-available form of magnesium and most effective way to increase magnesium levels. This is not an opinion it has been proved through the results of many hair mineral tests!

For a detox bath you need to put 1Kg in a hot bath (hot enough not to go cold after 20 minutes). Then soak in the bath for 10 minutes, rub yourself all over in circular motions with a massage mit or similar, then relax for a further 5-10 minutes (as long as you can as you will be very hot by now!) Then dab yourself dry and wrap yourself in a duvet to sweat it all out for at least 2 hours, either go straight to bed or curl up in front of your favourite movie! Finish off with a refreshing shower and body brush!

Also available in 25kg sacks from our wholesale website (http://www.holisticwholesale.co.uk/index.php?cat_id=31)

FCC/BP grade is Food Grade with very high purity.

The latest analysis for this product shows it is well within required limits for pharmaceutical and food grade specifications.

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Epsom Salts (BP/FCC)

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