• Himalayan Salt Pipe by Holistic Valley

Ceramic Salt Pipe device for breathing in salty air! Made to similar style to our neti pots, this device allows you to obtain many of the benefits of breathing salty air without having to take a trip to the coast or even salt caves!

Suggested usage: Use for 10-20 minutes at a time. Inhale using normal breath through the spout of the pot. Exhale through the nose or away from the pot to avoid breathing moist air into the salt.

Refillable design. Supplied with coarse himalayan salt in a drawstring bag and a removable cork, so that you can replace the salt without replacing the whole device! Although the salt supplied with the pot should last for years, you may wish to replace it sooner, particularly if the salt gets damp.

Although we cannot make specific health claims about the benefits of using a salt pipe, just think how good you feel when you breathe in fresh salty sea air.

Please note, A salt pipe is not a complete substitute for breathing in real sea air or visiting a salt cave as these may have additional benefits, particularly due to the abundance of negative Ions in these places. However, our salt pipe does allow you to get some of the benefits of breathing in salty air through a convenient portable device!

Spare Corks and bags of salt are also available but you can of course use your own!

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Himalayan Salt Pipe by Holistic Valley

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