• Coconut Oil (Fractionated)

Uses: dryness, itching, sensitive skin, tanning aid,  a light and easily absorbed oil. Good for skin & hair.. Use as a base or 10-50% additive. Adding to Sweet Almond Oil increases both shelf life and washability. 

Latin Name : Cocus nucifera

Cocos nucifera Contains (unrefined) 50% lauric acid. Refined coconut oil is closest substance to human sub-cutaneous fat and more compatible with skin than vegetable oils. It has a virtually unlimited shelf life, since it can not turn rancid, and it cannot clog pores making it an ideal carrier for oily or troubled skin. However, fractionated (or refined) coconut oil is produced by heat, rather than cold pressing, and is usually deodorized since it's natural odour is overwhelming. 

Whole coconut oil is solid at room temperature, fractionated is liquid. Fractionated coconut oil is a water clear, light textured oil which is odour and tasteless. The cosmetic ingredient name is caprylic/capric triglyceride and it is completely soluble with essential oils. This oil is fine enough to pass through a sprayer making it suitable for perfume and cosmetics requiring a light texture. It can be used as a base or carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage therapy as it penetrates the skin well. It also washes off massage tables easily, is non staining and does not impart a rancid odour on massage sheets rendering it a favorite with massage therapists. The molecular structure of the fatty acids gives it an indefinite shelf life. When blended with other oils, this will help extend the final products shelf life. 

What is "fractionated"? 

The coconuts white flesh yields oil which is about 90% saturated fatty acid. The fat is heated and the top liquid fraction is removed purifying the oil removing the molds, fungus spores and pesticide residues. 

Ideal for pet use, especially long haired dog breeds!

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We supply your oil in a clear bottle with a standard screw cap.

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Coconut Oil (Fractionated)

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