• Bergamot FCF Organically Sourced Essential Oil

High Quality Food Grade Organically Sourced Bergamot FCF Essential Oil.

FCF = furocoumarin free. Naturally, bergamot is highly phototoxic and it can cause your skin to react badly to ultra-violet light rays, such as those from the sun and tanning beds. Adverse reactions include blistering, loss of pigmentation and rashes. Coumarins are the phytochemicals that gives it its photo-toxicity. Our bergamot oil has been treated to remove the coumarins. While we generally as a rule recommend that only natural non-rectified oils are used, due to bergamot's potentially adverse effects here we make a well-researched exception, as many other aromatherapists do.

Latin Name : Citrus bergamia.

Properties : Uplifting, refreshing, relaxing, calming, the added ingredient in Earl Grey Tea. Combats cigarette smoke. Treated to remove the natural photo-sensitivity.

Perfumery Note :  Top.

Associated Colour : Green/yellow

Country of origin : Italy.

Pet use: Antifungal, soothing. Excellent for ear infections caused by yeast or bacterial overgrowth. 

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Bergamot FCF Organically Sourced Essential Oil

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