Online Business as usual - Regarding 'COVID-19'

Last update 25th March 2020. (Will be updated as required)

Additional Measures @25th March - staff rotation and remote working

Further to measures already introduced as described below, we have now started remote working where possible. This should minimize staff interaction and in fact means that there should not be more than 2 staff in at any one time. This make it easier to manage as one staff can prepare items while the other packages orders, one can answer calls etc.

If additional preparation is required that would normally require extra staff to be present, we have the potential to go in outside of normal opening hours and prepare in readiness for next working day. Therefore there should be very minimal delays on orders.

As working remotely includes that we may answer calls remotely, please understand that if your call relates to stock levels or an order in processing, we may not be able to answer your query immediately.

Additional Measures @23rd March - shop front closed to public

As per updated guidelines, in order to minimize in person contact, our shop is currently closed to the public. We will continue our online/mail order business as described below.

Although it is our belief that this is COVID-19 situation is dramatized way out of proportion, we will endeavour to continue business as usual unless of course prohibited by government or local authority restrictions.

That is not to say that we are flippant, quite the opposite in fact.

The following procedures are already being followed as part of our food grade hygiene certification (Our rating is 5 - the highest possible rating)

  • We already ensure that all of our cleaning products comply with the highest required standards
  • We extensively researched (and continue to use) the most ethical and eco-friendly sources while we were registered for Organic certification with the Soil Association.
  • Hand washes etc. have to comply with strict hygiene requirements.
  • In our dedicated food grade area, protective clothing is provided and protective gloves are always worn
  • Strict protocols have to be adhered to regarding handling of food grade items.
  • In the event of any illness, staff are prohibited from preparing food grade items for a period of several days afterwards.

In addition to the above the following procedures have been adopted by us and our service providers

  • Staff have been advised to be extra diligent in contact with customers and when handling products.
  • In the event of any symptoms of any staff, we will follow recommended measures regarding quarantine etc.
  • Courier drivers etc. have adopted additional protocols to minimise contact with customers. For example not having to sign for deliveries.
  • We will continue to review the situation to re-assure our customers

Other Notes

  • Some product lines are in short supply. We are doing our best to keep as many products as possible available to our customers
  • In the event that something runs out of stock we will endeavour to offer a substitute or refund as quickly as possible
  • We may take a little longer than usual to process and despatch your order.