Pure food grade sodium bicarbonate has a multitude of uses. Many of which we are familiar with and many would surprise us. There have literally been books written on its many uses (one in our books section!). We advise you do your own research on the  benefits of taking sodium bicarbonate as we are unable list them.

Our food grade sodium bicarbonate is primarily used in cooking as a raising agent, a great alternative to yeast.

Stain remover: with hot water for removing most organic substances even limescale, theanine, blood etc.

Bath Bombs: the ‘fizzy’ ingredient in bath bombs!

Antacid: Commonly used as a heartburn & indigestion remedy (1 teaspoon in a small glass of milk works wonders for heartburn in pregnancy!)

Deodoriser: a bowlful will absorb bad smells anywhere!

Bath additive: 2 handfuls in a bath leaves your skin super smooth and eases itchy rashes/bites.

Toothpaste: Widely used in toothpaste to remove stains from teeth.

Insect repellent: particularly ants, fleas and cockroaches.

Bee stings: make into a paste to neutralise bee stings (vinegar for wasp stings!)


Excellent for adding to the bath along with magnesium chloride flakes for optimum absorption and silky smooth skin!

Available in food grade tubs/buckets.

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Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade)

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