• Turmeric Golden Paste Kit

All the ingredients you need to make Turmeric Golden Paste at home, just add water!

Recently very popular as a remedy for humans and animals, for your convenience we have supplied quality ingredients in kit form, complete with instructions. Enough to make 2 batches with some peppercorns and a little coconut oil left over.

Organic Turmeric Powder (High Strength - 6% Curcumin) - 100g
Much turmeric on the market has around 2% curcumin, ours is specially selected Organic turmeric with at least 6% curcumin!
Virgin Organic Coconut Oil - 150g
This has many uses including cooking and skincare, but for this kit, the potent raw properties of unrefined raw coconut oil are important. We prepare this by hand unlike some brands that melt the oil into the pot, potentially degrading the nutrient profile of the virgin coconut.
Organic Black Peppercorns- 50g
Used to increase the potency of the golden oil, we provide the whole corns as it is recommended to freshly grind them to add to the paste.

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Turmeric Golden Paste Kit

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