The Magnesium Deficiency Epidemic

written for Shop Holistic March 2012 newsletter

During  our  extensive  research  on magnesium, which ultimately led to the addition of Magnesium Chloride Flakes to our range, we have discovered that magnesium  deficiency  has  fast become somewhat  of  an  epidemic.

Unfortunately  allopathic  doctors  and allopathic  medicine  fail  to  recognise the  many  symptoms  of magnesium deficiency  and  their  insistance  of covering up symptoms with prescribed drugs  can  do  a lot  more  harm  in the long  term  as  the  deficiency  will  fail  to be addressed.

One  reason  magnesium  is  so important  to  our  body  is  that  it  is needed  for  the  efficient utilisation of calcium.  When  we  are  deficient  in magnesium,  calcium  wanders  around aimlessly  and  can  end up  leaving calcium  deposits in  our  joints  and  a chalky  deposit  in  our  blood  vessels.

Lack of the absorption of  calcium  can then  have  a  negative  impact  on  our teeth and bones. When we realise we are lacking  in  calcium,  we  take  or  are prescribed  calcium  supplements  which then worsens the problem.

Calcification  of  the  blood  vessels  is  far more  widespread  than  cholesterol,  and the main  cause  of ‘blood  vessel  furring’.  We almost always get enough calcium in our  diets,  but  rarely  get  enough magnesium,  and  if  we  do  this  is quickly and easily depleted by stress, prescribed medicines and the toxins we are exposed to in our everyday lives.

So  it  is  extremely  important  that  we supplement with magnesium for optimum health.  

It is believed to be most effective to supplement transdermally (through the skin)  as  it  is  estimated that we  only absorb about  40%  of  magnesium  taken orally,  and  then  our  bodies  have  to process it and deal with any excess.  But  transdermally,  magnesium  is  delivered directly into the muscles and tissues where it is needed, and our body will only absorb as much as it needs. There is very little risk with this method, but if you have a kidney or thyroid condition we advise you  seek medical advice in the first instance.

There are 2 easy ways to get magnesium into your body:

1. You  can  put  magnesium  flakes  in  your bath or foot spa (500g-1Kg into a bath, or approx. 250g in a foot spa)

2. Make  up  some  magnesium  oil  to  spray onto  the  body,  rub  in,  leave  for  20 minutes  then  wash  off.  This  is  the most  cost  effective  method,  as  with our  magnesium  flakes,  250ml  oil would cost you only £1!

To make  your own oil is so easy too! You will need a mister or spray bottle, magnesium flakes and pure water.  We recommend  distilled  water  or  spring water is the best but tap water will be fine if your area is not fluoridated.  You  simply  dissolve  the  salts  into  the water until  no more will dissolve (you will know this as there will be a small amount of salts that stay in the bottom of the solution).

That is it!  - No need for expensive preparations that other’s will so willingly sell you! Be  warned! We  have  been  extremely shocked  to find others selling ready made magnesium oil for £15-£20! We really cannot understand how people can cash-in on things like this.  We would much prefer to offer products at very reasonable prices so more people can benefit!

We are considering adding pre-made magnesium oil to our website, made with distilled water, and also with floral waters for additional twist! These will be very reasonably priced so keep a look out!