• Lotus Therapy Centre - Consultations & Therapies Now Available!

Lotus Therapy Centre - Consultations & Therapies Now Available!


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We are very pleased to be able to offer in-house consultation and therapy services in our new unit. We have a great range of consultation services and therapies by Danielle, original founder of Shop Holistic and her daughter, and Customer Services Director, Beth. We are also excited to be hosting a regular Thermography Clinic. More info on that in a moment!
Our units are only a quarter of a mile away from a Premier Inn and only 1 mile from Caerphilly Castle with it's famous leaning tower, so you may even want to combine an appointment with a nice trip! 

Consultations & Therapies by Danielle (Holistic Dani)
Danielle is offering a great range of services from the therapy room. She is offering a full 'MOT' whereby all her therapies will come together as one, with kinesiology as the tool for assessing what the body needs. She is also offering Reiki Healing & Tuition, Reflexology, Nutritional Therapy Consultation, Angel Readings and EFT as separate therapies. Danielle analyses and writes the reports for the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis tests we offer, and is now able to offer personal consultations and follow-ups to the hair tests at a modest additional charge. 

Consultations & Therapies by Beth (Bee Holistic) 

Beth will be offering Nutritional Therapy consultations and Indian Head Massage. Beth's approach to Nutritional Therapy is different from Danielle's. Whereas Danielle almost always incorporates kinesiology to help with allergy testing and assessing deficiencies sometimes along with the hair mineral tests, Beth works on more of a consultation basis, assessing your history, your symptoms and using scoring systems as a part of a process for assessing any supplements and diet changes you may require. Beth provides a full report of her findings with recommended actions and supplements you may need. Her Indian Head Massage sessions can be tailored to suit you, from 15-45 minutes and with or without oils from our own aromatherapy range.

Thermography Clinic 
We are very excited to be hosting a regular Thermography Clinic in our new therapy room. The clinic runs every 3 months and is available to everyone, whether they are referred by a doctor or want to refer themselves. With the growing concerns of the inaccurate diagnosis, unnecessary radiation exposure, carcinogenic and other harmful effects of mammograms, Thermographic imaging has become very popular as a safe, non-invasive alternative - and can actually tell a lot more than mammograms can. The thermal imaging picks up differences in metabolism and activity within the body and so conditions, illnesses and disease can be picked up at the very early stages. When something is picked up so early, we can easily change our diets, and correct our imbalances to turn our health around for the better.
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More information on the Thermography Clinic can be found at Medscans.co.uk. Please mention we referred you from our website if you make a booking through them (even if you book for a clinic in a different location)! 

If you would like more information on our therapies, please give the therapy centre a call on (029) 21 660 760, or you can call us on (029) 2085 2222. If you want to email, the address is info@lotustherapycentre.co.uk or you can email Customer Services. 

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