Making your own Allergy Remedy

by Danielle Bryant, Homeopath

Homeopathic remedies work on the basis that ‘like treats like’, so you are treating a condition with the poison that created it (or a substance that produces the same symptom pattern). Therefore it got me thinking that if someone were allergic to something, then a remedy made from that substance will cure it, or at least ease it. ‘Well obviously!’ you may say, but my homeopathy diploma didn’t go into making your own remedies, just how it works and the prescribing part of it, so I guess it took a little while for the penny to drop!

Curing My Daughter’s Lifelong Eczema Problem

As my daughter has suffered terrible eczema ever since her first baby jab (boy do I regret agreeing to that!), I set about finding out what it was that was making her react.

As a nutritional therapist, my first instinct was cutting out dairy, which helped a little, cutting out wheat, sugar, etc – one by one to see the reaction or non-reaction. But it still flared up, although once some allergens were cut out from the diet the flare-ups were not so bad. So when I studied Holistic Diagnosis I learned how to do kinesiology allergy testing, so I set about trying to ascertain what foods she was allergic to. During the test I also tested some substances that are common allergens by shaking them vigorously (succussing) in reverse osmosis filtered water (distilled is also good to use), then placing the essence in a capsule under her tongue while testing her. It turned out she had a strong reaction to our dog and cat fur! So I did some research and set about making her a remedy.

I dowsed her eczema with a pendulum asking it which potency to make, and how often she should take it to stop her reacting to the fur. I will explain all this in a bit. Then I made a 27C potency of cat & dog fur remedy which she took for 5 days, 3 times a day (as indicated by dowsing). After that treatment I dowsed again. This time it said another 3 days of 32C potency. So I made that remedy and she completed the course. Her eczema completely healed and she has not had a reaction to fur since (that was over a year ago!).

This spring her eczema flared up again really bad, and we realised that it was whenever someone was cutting grass. So next time we mowed the lawn I saved some cut grass along with some daisy and dandelion petals and grass flowers and let the energies infuse in filtered water again for a day or so. Then I made her a remedy (after dowsing) of 30C which she took for a week twice daily. She can now play barefoot on the grass while we are mowing it!!

Hot weather came and we took a trip to the sea. She had always complained of her eczema stinging at the seaside, but we thought she would be ok as she didn’t really have it anymore. But she flared up big time at the beach and couldn’t bend her legs or walk after 15 minutes! So I am trying this again. I collected seawater, sand and small amounts of different seaweed into a bottle and brought them home to make a remedy. This time I decided to make this blog so others may find use with this information. My daughter helped me make her cut grass remedy as part of her home-school work, and she found making this one more interesting as she was a year older and so she understood more. I think this also has a very positive input into the remedy, as her desire and intention to cure herself also went in to the mix! Anyway, I am adding this bit on 2 years later, after many successful trips to the beach, running on freshly cut grass, we still have cats and a new puppy dog! 

Making your Remedy

Anyone can do this. Don’t be afraid to do it. It doesn’t have to be exact but you must respect the energies. Always hold the intention that the remedy will work and will heal the condition. Always intend that any energies inside the bottles, pippettes and other equipment you are using are cleared leaving them completely empty and uncontaminated. Intention rather than accuracy and preciseness is key!!

Collecting Your Allergen

As I did, collect not just the potential allergen but things associated with it. For example I put petals of daisies and dandelions, and different types of grass including the feathery flowers into the grass remedy. I put a snip of each of my 3 cat’s fur plus dog fur, plus a flea (dead) into my fur remedy, etc. Put the collected bits into distilled (or reverse osmosis filtered) water, let it stand for about 24 hours and then succuss it (shake it vigorously approx 30 times).

If the allergen is atmospheric or environmental, leave an open bowl of distilled water in the environment for 24 hours, as it will absorb particles from the air due to it being ‘empty’ water. Then use this as your master formula. You still need to succuss it once it is in the bottle.

Once you have your master formula is made, label the bottle and date it. You can use it to make more in future, it just needs succussing to freshen it up. I use a urine sample bottle for mine, they are ideal. You can get them quite cheaply on Ebay (or pop in to your GP they may give you a few for free!).

What you will need to make your remedy:

Master Formula in urine bottle (or similar sterile container)

1 x bottle dropper (or pippette clearly marked to define it from the next pippette)

1 x 3ml pippette

2 x 5ml dark coloured glass bottles with screw caps (essential oil bottles are great but not after they have had oils in!)

1 x 10ml glass bottle with dropper top (for final remedy – or you can have a 5ml bottle full of blank sucrose pills available from homeopathic pharmacies)

labels, paper & pen

distilled water (or reverse osmosis water)

vodka or other edible alcohol

Dowsing Pendulum

Most of these can be supplied by Shop Holistic.

Find the Potency you Need:

Dowse the area affected (where the rash is, the tummy if that is affected, etc) or just the person, and while you are dowsing start to visualise the condition or problem. Let the pendulum swing back and forth and ask for ‘yes’ answer, it will usually spin around clockwise. Then swing the pendulum over the master formula, let the pendulum swing a few times then bring it back to the area. Keep the pendulum swinging and ask which potency of ‘C’ remedy is needed. Count up slowly 1, 2, 3, etc allowing the pendulum a few swings before moving onto the next number. When it circles for yes, go back a number and repeat to check it was correct.

The ‘C’ remedy I have always found the easiest scale to work with. It means at each succussion the remedy is diluted 100 times. The number indicates the number of times it is diluted and succussed. Hopefully you will only need up to a 30 or so remedy!!

Then ask how many drops (or pills if using) for each dose so say slowly 1,2 etc. Then ask how many times per day, then for how many days in the same way.

Make Your Remedy:

* Use the dropper (which I will refer to as the remedy dropper) to take some of the master remedy and put 1 drop only into one of the 5ml bottles. (5ml is roughly 100 drops)

* Empty the remedy dropper and shake it well to empty and dry it, then set it aside with the master formula.

* Add 2 x 2.5ml of your clear water using the 3ml pipette (which I will refer to as the water pipette) – it doesn’t have to be highly accurate!

* Put the lid on the bottle and succuss it 30 times.

* IMPORTANT – mark a tally on your paper (or you will quickly forget how many times you have diluted and succussed!!)

You have now made a 1C remedy.

* Use the remedy dropper to take 1 drop from the 1C remedy into the clean 5ml bottle.

* empty the 1C remedy bottle and shake to empty it and dry it

* Empty the remedy dropper and shake it well to empty and dry it, then set it aside with the empty 5ml bottle.

* Add 2 x 2.5ml of your clear water using the water pippette

* Put the lid on the bottle and succuss it 30 times

* mark a tally on your paper

Now you have a 2C remedy!

Repeat until you come to the last but 1 succussion.

* In the final succussion, add your drop to vodka or other alcohol. Succuss as normal. This is your medication remedy. Label and date it.

TIP - If you are making a remedy that is quite high in number, you can preserve and keep every 10th or 20th succussion in case you lose count or tip some to save going back to the start! But bear in mind you will then need more 5ml bottles!

Making & Taking Your Final Remedy:

To make your remedy for taking, put a few drops of your medication remedy into 20/80 vodka to water if you wish to take it as drops, or add 1-2 drops to a bottle full of blank pills. Shake the bottle vigorously a few times (not as much as succussing) to infuse the remedy onto the pills or into the alcohol solution.

Remedies should be taken in a clean mouth, at least 20 minutes either side of eating or drinking. Pills should not be touched but tipped into the lid of the bottle or onto a clean teaspoon and then tipped straight under the tongue to dissolve. Drops should be placed under the tongue.

Good luck – I really hope this works for you!! Let me know!