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There is a huge debate on the internet about whether liquid or powder zeolite is best. At Shop Holistic we take the selection of our products very seriously and we look at factual research before deciding what product to sell. We noticed that any positive remarks on liquid zeolite were only made by people and companies who actually were trying to sell it! 

Despite this video promoting a brand of zeolite powder, it has some very good information on this subject. It tells of how the liquid zeolite myth has been used by multi-level marketing (pyramid selling) companies to promote a very weak and potentially harmful product that through the processing not only loses the properties of zeolite but also could potentially be releasing heavy metal toxins INTO your body! 

"Zeolite - Powder V Liquid"


The use of zeolite for radiation protection: 

Research papers and loads of information including usage articles on Zeolite: HERE