• Himalayan Salt Lamps - their beauty and their many uses!

Himalayan Salt Lamps - their beauty and their many uses!

Whenever we get a new visitor to our home, we always get compliments on our (many!) Himalayan salt lamps. Not only are they an attractive but subtle form of lighting, but people often comment that they can transform the 'feel' of a room, creating a lovely atmosphere.

It could be that our visitors are picking up on the enhanced environment generated by the negative Ions created by the salt lamps - in that help to mitigate the harmful positive Ions that are created by electrical devices around the home.
As a typical oven bulb supplied with a salt lamp only draws 15w of power, they can be left on all the time, this way they constantly stay warm so it stops moisture forming on the surface. If the lamps are turned off for a period of time, moisture from the air will be attracted to the salt and drips may form down the side and at the base and could drip down and damage the surface that the lamps is on (which is why they should also never be placed directly onto a delicate surface). If your bulb fails or you need to switch it off for a period of time, you should cover the lamp with a plastic bag (like it comes in when it is delivered) to stop it absorbing moisture.

They act as a beautiful night light with a warming orange glow.

The negative Ions they emit can help neutralize harmful positive Ions created by electrical equipment and appliances

Add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil onto a salt lamp and the warmth of the lamp will gently diffuse the oil into the room!

Our cat intuitively recognises the health benefits of Himalayan salt and frequently licks our salt lamp!

(Large chunks are often sold as 'animal licks' and in fact we have just added a product to our website that can be used for this where we have had a few broken salt lamps over the years!)